Robert Palazzo

Robert Palazzo is the lead manager for Corporate Finance & Management Consulting at the Middle East Consultancy Services Ltd. 

He has 25 years plus experience in Finance and Operations. This includes approximately 12 years as CFO and 10 years experience in Mergers and Acquisitions. He has handled 9-10 Joint Ventures in his career to date. Mr. Palazzo is an expert in forensic accounting and troubleshooting. He excels in looking at businesses and identifying where the companies can maximize revenue and move to the next level.
Mr Palazzo has a corporate personality, an acute commercial mind and enjoys taking businesses to the next realm in any given sector. He has experience in small, medium and large enterprises, having worked with companies with turnovers of up to USD 4 Billion.
He has international experience working in countries such as Sweden,
Kenya, Qatar, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, UAE and Saudi Arabia. He boasts of 15 years’ experience in international finance reporting on top level. He attained a Masters Economics 1988 from Karlstads Universitet, Sweden and became an authorized Public Accountant in 1993. He spent 3 years in a Top 4 Accountancy Practice KPMG as an expert in Corporate Finance, Corporate Recovery and Company Restructuring. Mr Palazzo combines excellent business development skills with active contribution to a company's bottom line.
Major business areas:
  • Heavy Industry
  • Construction
  • Consultancy
  • Corporate Finance
  • Banking
  • HealthCare
  • Government
  • Automotive
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Hotel and Events
  • Logistics and Transport
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • B2B
  • Retail 
Relevant Experience
  • Group CFO for Al Jaber Group, a $3,5 billion UAE family controlled conglomerate with focus on interim Turn Around Management and Restructuring
  • Served as Group Finance Director for DarAlRiyadh (Saudi) and member of the Boards in Joint Ventures; reported to Prince Turki Abdul Rahman Al Saud.  His accomplishments included amongst others, taking the budget and forecast processes to international best practice and initiated and led organizational reinforcement of the whole group. Initiated and led the Change Management transition
  • Served as Senior Advisor to the CEO and Board of Jaidah Motors & Trading Company of Doha (Qatar)
  • Served as Chief Financial Officer of Jeppesens Systems, a Nordic company that had been purchased by Boeing Company (Fortune 100) of  the US, with a focus on post-merger management and implementation of US GAAP  (Nordics)
  • Served as CFO and COO of Lawson Intentia (Nordic Region), a $1 billion USA company where he focused on implementation of SOX and post-merger management
  • Served as Nordic Finance Manager and Deputy Managing Director of Vishay Measurement Group, (Subs of Vishay Intertechnology, Fortune 500) a Nordic company where he implemented new business models to increase the market presence and sales, and reinforced the reporting structure. Implemented cost-effectiveness-program implemented SOX compliance (Europe)
  • Served as Director of KPMG (Corporate Finance and Corporate Recovery). Started up Corporate Recovery, managing corporations in need of restructuring and crisis management. Dealing with major clients, between 1-15 USD billion in turnover. Achieving a proven track record of success with areas of responsibility growing quickly, executing other projects within areas such as business support, M&A, business analysis, strategic management and forensic investigations
  • Served as a CPA for 10 years with a variety of clients within a wide range of businesses and size.


Our clients report increased revenue based on interventions proposed and implemented by our consultants. We can increase your revenue either by streamlining your operations, or by identifying unexplored opportunities that are within the grasp of your organization.
Our consultancy services have led to reduced costs in the operations of some of our clients because we identified existing leaks in their corporate activities. One of the main advantages of hiring an external management consultant is that the consultant has a fresh eye and can see loopholes that are not apparent to insiders.
We have been involved with various organizations that required support to execute strategic initiatives such as making acquisitions, handling divestitures, and getting into partnerships. Our services usually help an organization to clarify its strategic interests in order to make clear decisions affecting its future.
Our services are also ideal for organizations that require restructuring. We have experience in organizational design and in the development and implementation of staff rationalization programs.



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