Strategic Business Introductions

Our strategic business Introductions service includes Market Entry Services, Introduction Services, Corporate Communication Planning, Location Planning, Supply Chain Services, and Logistics among others.

1.Strategic Business Introductions
Do you need high quality business contacts to expand your market presence? At Middle East Consultancy Services Limited, we understand that relationships are critical to the ongoing success of your business. We also know that the process of business network can be very time consuming. This is why we offer unique, value-added strategic business and market introduction services for our clients. We have access to an extensive network of business and community contacts, development organizations, and professional services organizations that we can put at your disposal if you get in touch.
1.1. What Specific Services Do You Offer As Part Of Your Strategic Business Introductions Package?
The goal of our Strategic Business Introductions Service is to link like-minded individuals and institutions for mutual growth. In this regard, we offer services in the following areas.
  • Market Entry Services: We currently offer a wide range of market entry services to our clients. We will offer you advice on all the key legal and regulatory requirements you need in your industry. More importantly, we will link you with the right bodies to facilitate your market entry activities. 
  • Strategic Business Introductions: We have a long list of business contacts that you can use for various things such as getting access to distribution services and the acquisition of business locations. If you are looking for a joint venture or a franchise, we can connect you to existing opportunities. We will also offer you advice on how to develop marketing communications materials in order to grow your business relationships.
  • Location and Operational Planning: Our knowledge of the market makes us ideal partners to firms that are undertaking location and operational planning.
  • Professional Advisory Services: We have a wide range of in-house management consulting services and a large network of professional partners that enable us to offer legal and regulatory advice, tax planning, guidance and compliance, accounting/bookkeeping services, technology support, real estate and property management services, location planning and site selection, and insurance.
  • Supply Chain Services and Logistics: We offer our clients supply-chain optimization advice. We also offer business consultancy services in logistics, customs and regulatory compliance, as well as transport and warehousing.
  • Financing and Capital Acquisition: If you need financial services assistance, we can help you identify potential sources of financing, where to find ideal banking services for your needs, and how to access private equity and debt financing for your business.
1.2. How Is Your Strategic Business Introductions Service Better Than My Own Networking Efforts?  
Strong networking skills are necessary for survival in business and for advancement in any career line. Everyone who is successful in his or her business must also be very good at networking. However, regardless of how gifted someone may be at networking, it is impossible to achieve the full benefits of networking because of human limits. The nature of the service we offer under our Strategic Business Introductions makes the process of meeting prospective business partners, clients, and mentors as hassle free as possible. We make the process faster and smoother because we already have a long list of contacts and are aware of their interests. Connecting you to relevant business contacts saves you effort and time, and increases the efficiency of your networking efforts.

Our clients report increased revenue based on interventions proposed and implemented by our consultants. We can increase your revenue either by streamlining your operations, or by identifying unexplored opportunities that are within the grasp of your organization.
Our consultancy services have led to reduced costs in the operations of some of our clients because we identified existing leaks in their corporate activities. One of the main advantages of hiring an external management consultant is that the consultant has a fresh eye and can see loopholes that are not apparent to insiders.
We have been involved with various organizations that required support to execute strategic initiatives such as making acquisitions, handling divestitures, and getting into partnerships. Our services usually help an organization to clarify its strategic interests in order to make clear decisions affecting its future.
Our services are also ideal for organizations that require restructuring. We have experience in organizational design and in the development and implementation of staff rationalization programs.



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