Market Consulting and Research

We provide marketing consulting services in diverse areas such as marketing/brand strategy development, internal and external marketing, market research among other activities that address the marketing needs of our clients. 

1. Marketing Consulting and Research
A Market Consultant can make the difference between a drab and wasteful marketing campaign, and an effective and results-oriented marketing exercise. The Middle East Consultancy Services has in-house specialists who offer marketing consulting and market research services to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). Our competitively priced services will ensure that your company carries out marketing activities with a high level of efficiency. Our understanding of local markets makes us the ideal partners for startups, and for companies seeking to expand their market share.
1.1. I Am Running a Startup and I Need All the Help I Can Get to Put Together a Winning Marketing Strategy. Can You Help?
We are confident that we are the perfect partners for you because our services were designed with startups in mind. This does not mean that we cannot serve the needs of existing companies. Rather, it means that we have the full range of experience needed to take any product from obscurity to market success. Our consultants will work with you to develop fitting marketing concepts for your product in line with your budget and your marketing objectives.
1.2. My Organization is in The Process of Developing a Marketing Plan to Guide us in an Effort to Increase Our Market Share. What Advice Do You Have For My Organization?
The approaches used to increase market share vary significantly from the ones used to launch a product. In this regard, our advice is as follows.
  1. Set Clear Marketing Objectives that Align Your Goals to Your Resources
    The difference between successful marketing campaigns and wasteful ones is the creation of clear goals. Start by identifying what you want to achieve in quantifiable terms. For instance, your plan should have a clear statement of the percentage of market share that you are aiming for. There are several ways of quantifying growth in market share, such as the projected increase in revenue based on projected market share growth. Make sure that your metrics relate directly to the goals set for the marketing activity.
  2. Make a Budget
    Creating a budget for your marketing plan will ensure that you commit sufficient, but limited resources to marketing. Either extreme can lead to losses. A high marketing budget may exceed returns from the marketing effort, while insufficient resources will limit the success of the plan.
  3. Aim for High Growth Segments
    In order to increase your market share, it is sensible to aim for high growth segments in the market. You need to have market data showing the growth dynamics in each of your market segments. This strategy usually yields the highest reward per resource unit allocated to the marketing campaign
  4. Implement the plan and Review Progress Regularly
    The creation of a good plan is the best way to start a marketing process. However, you must keep an eye on market dynamics because a slight change in market conditions may yield new opportunities, or may close an existing opportunity. Sticking to a plan is commendable, even necessary in many aspects of business. However, it is foolhardy to stick to a plan that no longer reflects the true state of the market. Learn from your failures and your successes and use the lessons to streamline your marketing management approaches in the existing plan.
If in doubt regarding your ability or capacity to implement your market share growth plan, consider hiring a marketing consultant.
1.3.We Would Like To Understand How Our Market Is Changing To Help Us Develop Better-Targeted Products. Where Do We Start?
Organizations that fail to respond to changes in the markets are doomed to failure. Markets are by their nature very dynamic. Keeping an eye on changes is a requirement for every business that wants to exist beyond the immediate future. To understand how your market is changing, the following suggestion may help.
Profile your customers regularly!
We strongly believe that the best way to keep up with changes in the market is to carry out regular customer profiling to detect changes in the market. The answers to the following questions can help you to develop a baseline customer profile
  1. Who are our typical customers in each of our product lines
  2. How are their incomes changing
  3. What are the socioeconomic factors affecting their buying power
  4. How do they make purchasing decisions?
  5. What are their current priorities and how will these priorities change in the next year (or so)
  6. How will we ensure that our products will remain relevant to our customers at a similar time next year (or so)
1.4. Something Seems Wrong With Our Marketing Strategy Because It Is Not Delivering Results. What Do We Do?
Getting results from a marketing campaign requires not just a good marketing strategy, but also a good product that is relevant to the target market. Therefore, you need to examine the entire marketing process in your organization to determine where the weak link is. If you are sure the problem is the marketing strategy, then you need to revise your assumptions about the market through market research and create a new strategy that fits in your business context. For instance, is your current marketing strategy taking advantage of opportunities available through online marketing? A marketing consultant can also help you to find out the cause of the problem and to develop an effective solution. This option also has the benefit of a fresh perspective that is devoid of internal bias.
1.5. Can You Train My Sales Team?
Yes. Middle East Consultancy Services offers various training services as part of its marketing consultancy package to clients. Some of the specific areas we cover are as follows.
  • Sales Training
  • Coaching
  • Sales Management Support
  • Live Sales Training Events
  • Electronic Sales Training Programs (e.g. social media marketing )
  • Demographic profile reports
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Comprehensive Marketing Plans
  • On-site Training Programs
  • Sales, Marketing or Customer Service Programs for Corporates
  • Sales Recruitment
  • Customer Service Analysis
  • Customer Service Training

Our clients report increased revenue based on interventions proposed and implemented by our consultants. We can increase your revenue either by streamlining your operations, or by identifying unexplored opportunities that are within the grasp of your organization.
Our consultancy services have led to reduced costs in the operations of some of our clients because we identified existing leaks in their corporate activities. One of the main advantages of hiring an external management consultant is that the consultant has a fresh eye and can see loopholes that are not apparent to insiders.
We have been involved with various organizations that required support to execute strategic initiatives such as making acquisitions, handling divestitures, and getting into partnerships. Our services usually help an organization to clarify its strategic interests in order to make clear decisions affecting its future.
Our services are also ideal for organizations that require restructuring. We have experience in organizational design and in the development and implementation of staff rationalization programs.



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