Corporate Finance and Management Consulting

Our Corporate Finance and Management Consulting services include Business (Corporate) strategy development, Turn Around Management, Interim management, Mergers & Acquisitions and Financial Services.

  • Corporate strategy
    • We provide guidance to companies that are developing a business strategy and strategic plan, either for the first time, or as part of a realignment process.
  • Turn Around Management
    • Distressed companies’ require special strategic management.
    • We provide consultancy on corporate governance and offer operational crisis management leadership and executive cash management solutions.
  • Interim management
    • If a company is under expansion or is facing a down-turn, there might be need for temporary managerial support usually at executive level of organization to aid it in the achievement of its business objectives.
    • We provide management consultancy through interim positions such as CFO, COO (Chief Operation Officer), CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer) etc.
  • M&A
    • We advise clients on all stages of an acquisition, from the initial phase of defining strategy to successfully closing the deal
  • Private Equity
    • Deal origination and/or transaction execution
    • Fundraising
    • Portfolio oversight

Our clients report increased revenue based on interventions proposed and implemented by our consultants. We can increase your revenue either by streamlining your operations, or by identifying unexplored opportunities that are within the grasp of your organization.
Our consultancy services have led to reduced costs in the operations of some of our clients because we identified existing leaks in their corporate activities. One of the main advantages of hiring an external management consultant is that the consultant has a fresh eye and can see loopholes that are not apparent to insiders.
We have been involved with various organizations that required support to execute strategic initiatives such as making acquisitions, handling divestitures, and getting into partnerships. Our services usually help an organization to clarify its strategic interests in order to make clear decisions affecting its future.
Our services are also ideal for organizations that require restructuring. We have experience in organizational design and in the development and implementation of staff rationalization programs.



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